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Hydro Fever (HFEV) Launched

Hydro Fever's journey began with a simple purpose. Connecting like minded individuals who saw the gaps in quality water and providing information on Home / DIY water solutions as a community.

As you will see - we have learned from our experiences in the community to not only provide you with sustainable solutions, but give back to impoverished people and ensuring they get a fair shake as well.

Active young professional refilling the sleek, portable Hydro Fever Original Hydrogen Water Bottle at a city park, a perfect 14oz solution for busy, health-conscious individuals.

Our First Generation Bottle Released

We introduced our pioneering line of first-generation hydrogen water bottles, setting a new standard in portable hydration technology.

Athlete hydrating with Hydro Fever's Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle during a break at an outdoor fitness session, showcasing its robust hydrogen output and 14oz compact design for enhanced performance hydration.

Launch of the Pro Series

Responding to customer demand for higher performance, we launched the Pro Series, featuring increased hydrogen output and improved usability.

Family gathering in a modern kitchen around the Hydro Fever Hydrogen Water Machine, which is dispensing 64 oz of antioxidant-rich, hydrogen-infused water, ideal for home or office wellness stations.

Launch of the Hydrogen Water Machine for Home and Office

Launched a larger capacity Hydrogen Water Machine, making it easy for families and offices to enjoy hydrogen-infused water.

Our Story

Hey there! We’re Hydro Fever, and we’re all about bringing you hydration solutions that are not only innovative but also support your health and wellness. Since kicking off in 2021, we’ve been on a mission to transform how you drink water—making it not just necessary but beneficial and enjoyable.

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